Away for Spring Break

Posted: 20 March 2009 by Editors in Political Science

For those who are unaware, Sayyid and I are both law students in Chicago and unofficially starting our spring break. Both of us will be attending to personal matters with our families. Being the only two editors, that leaves the site unattended for about a week.

When Sayyid gets back to Chicago, he’ll be adding a news site — separate from the blog — which may take a day or two before it’s live. This site will be an expansion of our News pages, but one where readers can gather a feed to keep up with events around the world without having to cut through a lot of crap. This is an idea we’ve brainstormed for a couple of months and we’re excited to put the plan in action.

Another brainstorm lately has been starting a podcast this summer to post two or three times a week, discussing the wide ranges of topics you see on this site with scholars, journalists, and recreational bloggers with whom weve formed connections.

None of this will be easy, but all of it will be at our will to continue sharing information and analysis. The primary objective of this site is to inform people. These measures will be a greater effort in contributing to the many who do so, already. Most notably:

Thank you for reading and for all of the great feedback. Over the next week, we encourage you to visit our contributors’ websites, listen to the great interviews we’ve shared form around the web and watch some of the many lectures, etc. we’ve posted from YouTube and Google. Audio and video posts are usually marked as such for easier navigation, i.e. typing “Gaza+video” in the search bar takes you to our video archive on the Gaza Massacre.

We’ll be back with you all in a week — a little bigger and whole lot better. We look forward to expanding our contribution to the various libertarian movements and conversations in the effort to inform and inspire more to fight for liberty. I’d like to take this opportunity to call on the many wise libertarian economists, philosphers, and bloggers to play a larger role in the antiwar movement. Liberty, labor, the fruits of labor, the guise of institutional submission, etc. are all extremely worthy causes. But without life, these causes don’t exist to fight for.

Little Alex :)


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