Alex Jones’ recent documentary on the banking cartel’s interests overriding the American people, blinded by Obama’s cult of personality.

Little Alex in Wonderland does not subscribe to the fullness of Alex Jones’s verbiage and theories. We highly respect and frequently discuss Mr. Jones as a hard-working, brave journalist and a comrade for liberty as a classical liberal/paleoconservative libertarian, but we are not of the “one united global elite” at the tip of the pyramid conspiracy theory camp, nor do we participate in the 9/11-Truth Movement. But we do see that democracy in America is a farce — as no serious political scientific analysis can conclude that a mixed economy with a private central bank and White House straight from Wall St. is anything less than a corporatist fascistic State.

This documentary, released today by Mr. Jones has a 25-30 minute portion near the beginning containing highly questionable theories regarding the Bilderberg Group that you can search out for yourself. But the rest of the documentary is an extraordinary piece of well-researched data exposing the un-federal Federal Reserve, Obama’s cabinet appointees in contradiction to his campaign pledge to keep lobbyists and special interests out of the White House — in fact, his cabinet is a who’s who of the people who cynically engineered our economic crisis — Obama’s plans for conscription, disarmament of the people, First Amendment erosion, state sovereignty elimination, building on the Iron Curtain — first brought to light by Robert Fisk to threaten India, China, and Russia — expansion of the WTO, extension of Bush’s unconstitutional extension of presidential powers, and branding of Obama to confuse the people with irrational loyalty.

The Obama Decepetion (1:51:21):


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