Prof. Chomsky lectures at Boston College (Feb ’09) on the election of Obama in relation to democracy in Bolivia, the public relations of US elections, the Investment Theory of Politics, the new cabinet, bailouts, and protectionism — followed by Q&A that includes Palestine-Israel discussion.

Part One – Activism, Democracy and the Obama Election (9:38):

Part Two – Democracy in the US, Relative to South America (9:38):

Part Three – Obama’s Appointees, Bailouts and Banking (9:45):

Part Four – Protectionism, Obama’s Bush-ian Foreign Policy, and Q&A (9:42):

Part Five – Q&A (9:45):

Part Six – Q&A (9:42):

Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known as the “father of modern lingustics”, cognitive scientist, political activist, most cited living author of over 100 books on linguistics, political science, and media, one of the world’s leading intellectuals and of an elite few in the history of the world to be at the top of two fields: linguistics and political science.

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