Chomsky’s Lectern: Israel’s Election’s and the Reason for the Gaza, US Rejectionism, and Activism (Video)

Posted: 1 March 2009 by Noam Chomsky in Chomsky's Lectern, International Affairs, Palestine-Israel, Political Science
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Interview with Prof. Chomsky on the Newspeak and effects of Israel’s elections, the US stance on Palestine-Israel under Obama as ‘continuity’, and activism.

This interview was conducted about ten days after the 10 Feb elections in Israel.

Obama holds to the US rejectionist stance on the West Bank, settlers, and a viable two-state solution with a legitimate land swap to end the cycle of violence.

Part One (8:32):

Part Two (8:49):

Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known as the “father of modern lingustics”, cognitive scientist, political activist, most cited living author of over 100 books on linguistics, political science, and media, one of the world’s leading intellectuals and of an elite few in the history of the world to be at the top of two fields: linguistics and political science.

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