Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, on the prosecution of state crimes, in particular 9/11.

  1. Conspirama says:

    9/11 is the Wrong Case to Try « Little Alex in Wonderland…

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  2. I respect your eloquent attempt to prove that pursuing 9/11 deflects attention from the many more important cases of US government criminal action. You claim that focusing on 9/11 is an attempt to address the least provable cases against the US government. It would thus be an exercise in futility or a devious means of misdirecting attention to a relatively minor event in the criminal history of US government operations.

    It is certainly true that 9/11 does not compare to a number of crimes by the US in terms of fatalities or damage. The most obvious examples are the victims of US aggression in Vietnam, Laos and Iraq. Yet, in developing a political strategy, other considerations may be more weighty.

    In most former cases of US criminal complicity, deceptions did occur, but these deceptions were minor in comparison with that taking place today regarding 9/11 and similar acts. Revealing the deception on 9/11 is for many people a true revelation about not only the nature of the US state, but the nature of politics, the nature of mass media and the role of the intellectual class to cover-up the crime.

    In your address you claim agnosticism about 9/11. Yet, in that presentation you made a major error. You claimed that 9/11 truthers bear the burden of proof. This is not correct. It is the US government, the political class, the media, the courts and the army of intellectuals servants, who have peddled the story about 19 Muslim hijackers who committed this mass murder while providing not even a shred of evidence that Muslims participated in this crime. The 9/11 movement has been very diligent in analyzing physical evidence, such as the disintegration of various buildings, the lack of plane wreckages, and other facts. One fact has remains under-reported, namely that the US authorities have never proved their case, not even that any Muslim boarded the aircraft that allegedly were hijacked on 9/11. Moreover, the US government did not even prove that any of the roughly 250 air passengers who had booked flights for the four 9/11 flights, did actually boarded those flights. The lack of such evidence means, in simple English, that there is no evidence to support the official account on 9/11. Period. There is actually no need to inquire further. The official account is either a lie, or in the very least has never been proved. The burden of the proof lies with those who shamefully accused Muslims of a mass murder and have used such allegations to attack Afghanistan.

    What 9/11 helps us is to expose the duplicity of the entire Western intellectual elite, as accomplices of a criminal cover-up. The mere fact that no journalist and no tenured professor in a US university has ever asked to see evidence that Muslims actually committed the crime of 9/11, is by and itself a indictment of US society and a call to arms. In a country where this can happen, anything can happen. 9/11 exposes the depth of the pathology more than any other event in US history.

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