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President Obama’s air strikes on Pakistan show that the Bush administration’s mistakes in the Middle East are far from being corrected – indeed, they are being pursued even more forcefully. Our perpetual “war on terrorism” continues and is about to go into overdrive…

For the past eight years, America’s reckless militarism has led only to disaster, and we’re very much afraid that Iraq was only the beginning. Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan, and the U.S. military is making almost daily forays into neighboring Pakistan – a policy that is sure to spread this rapidly escalating and futile war. The bones of many empires lie buried in the mountains of Afghanistan, and as for Pakistan, do we really want to destabilize the only Muslim nation on earth armed with nuclear weapons?

Since 1995, has been giving you news and views from a non-interventionist perspective. From the Clinton era through the Bush years and now into the age of Obama, we’ve been campaigning for a rational, peaceful foreign policy. Presidents may come and go, but stays on course and true to its message. Yet we can’t continue to do it without your financial help.

Change won’t happen automatically just because we have a new president in the White House – indeed, things will go on pretty much as before, unless you stand up and fight. is key to winning that fight: we keep our readers informed of the War Party’s latest schemes, standing on the watchtower 24/7, constantly updating and analyzing events as they occur.

Your contribution is tax-deductible – and what better way to spend your hard-earned tax dollars than to divert them from the Warfare State and into the hands of the antiwarriors?


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