Chomsky’s Lectern: There’s Never Been a Medical Reason to Criminalize Marijuana, Only Class

Posted: 17 February 2009 by Noam Chomsky in Chomsky's Lectern, Political Science
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Prof. Noam Chomsky on the criminalization of marijuana to target certain classes. Pretty funny. For more, see Part II of “Chomsky’s Lectern: Anarchism, Elections, and the Problem of Crime(4:37):

Haven’t written on the recent Mexico phase of the drug war, but it would only be necessary to take old material and change some names.

It’ll go on like this, escalating, until this country gets sane enough to realize that the problem is here, and until the U.S. deals with it internally, it’ll just go on and keep getting worse. And they know exactly how to deal with it: prevention and treatment.

  1. […] “There’s never been a medical reason to criminalize marijuana, only class,” Professor Noam Chomsky said years ago. […]

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