An interview with Prof. Chomsky in his office on a potpourri of subjects, centering on anarchism.

Part One – Anarchism (9:00):

Part Two – Anarchism (0:40):

Part Three – Drug War (9:00+more):

Part Four – Elections/Personal Liberty (9:00):

Part Five – Personal Liberty (0:38):


Part Six –  The Problem of Crime, the Soviet Union, and the Young Marx (9:00):

Part Seven – The Young Marx (?):


  1. […] Chomsky’s Lectern: There’s Never Been a Medical Reason to Criminalize Marijuana, Only Class By Noam Chomsky 1 Comment Categories: Chomsky's Lectern and Political Science Tags: Chomsky, Ciudad Juarez, class, drug war, experiment, insanity, law, libertarian, marijuana, Mexico, prohibition, US Prof. Chomsky on the criminalization of marijuana to target certain classes. Pretty funny. For more, see Part II of “Chomsky’s Lectern: Anarchism, Elections, and the Problem of Crime“. […]

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