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The warmongers love a recession – it gives them plenty of new opportunities. Hard times mean fresh cannon fodder for their wars and an atmosphere of panic and desperation. What more could they ask for?

As jobs are lost, businesses are shuttered, and homes are foreclosed, military recruiting is up. War is the only industry in America that’s thriving.

The economic crisis gives the War Party the upper hand in more ways than one. First, they’ll say that we must boost military spending in order to “stimulate” the economy. But money spent on the military is siphoned away from peaceful productivity and will only prolong the downturn.

As the trillion-dollar spending stampede rolls on over all objections, America’s military arsenal is being given a shot of steroids – and the distortion of our economy (and our national values) proceeds apace.

As usual, the propaganda of fear accompanies this massive military buildup. “Foreign threats” are invented, war hysteria becomes the norm, and the specter of another 9/11 is conjured whenever anyone dissents. The temptation to scapegoat foreigners for our problems and divert attention away from our worries on the home front is just too much for the politicians – no matter which party they belong to.

Sadly, the economic downturn has given the War Party yet another big advantage, as demonstrated by our apparent inability to make our quarterly fundraising goal. Without that bare minimum, can’t continue to deliver the high level of coverage our readers are used to.

Since 1995, we’ve been the go-to Web site for news and analysis from an unabashedly anti-interventionist perspective. Our audience is huge, but, unlike Washington’s cronies, we aren’t “too big to fail.”

Don’t let that happen.

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