The Money Matrix — Preface

Posted: 12 February 2009 by Jake Towne in Political Science, The Money Matrix
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Prelude and source list to a series on the global monetary policy of control and explaining big government’s finances.

Dear Reader,

This series will seek to explain what I’ve nicknamed the Money Matrix. We will first discuss what money really is, should be, then educate ourselves on why the current global monetary system is intrinsically flawed. As we proceed, taboo topics or not-well-understood time-bombs like the Federal Reserve, financial derivatives, and hyperinflation will be discussed. The last part of the series will seek to provide basic understandings of US big government finances such as the national debt, social security, the income tax, the trade deficit, etc. My goal is to explain this as simply as possible and how the current global monetary policy is morally wrong, so please ask any questions as probably both you and I will learn something further.

However, anything I write will just be tidbits of a greater truth. What I write will not be a substitute for thorough understanding. With that end in mind, I’ve included an online source list with comments at the end of this letter for you, the Reader, to peruse.

For your reference, this column really started with my outrage and personal search for truth concerning the morally wrong American wars of invasion or the “War on Terror,” but in a way I now believe I have been treating just a particularly egregious symptom, not the disease itself. Like Neo choosing the pill of reality, I believe I have at last come in contact with the walls of this ‘matrix’, and having ripped a hole in it, and at long last can peek out and gaze at a reality for the first time from the outside in. I see how this matrix has enslaved (or controlled, take your pick) all, and constrained mankind from our full potential. I see how this matrix has enabled more wars and strife for our world, and I will now oppose it, rid of my ignorance. However, make no mistake, history is littered with battles of free men against this matrix, and the wreckage of defeat is strewn throughout the sands of time, as well as the modern day.

To clarify the ‘Money Matrix’ idea, I believe it just consists of people and groups with their own motives, ideas, beliefs, resources, and desires, not some type of wacko conspiracy. These people (just like I) are just acting out life in their vision which may include ‘for the greater good of all’ or for more self-centered reasons.

I stand on the shoulders of giants like Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises, and follow in the footsteps of modern-day heroes like Dr. Ron Paul, Chris Powell, John Williams, and Lance Detweiller. So, what I will write is not a brand new way thinking, but it certainly will be new for many. However, let’s see if I can interest you, Reader, with anything I write. Although the evils of this matrix are depressing and will likely result in tumultuous times — especially for America. I will include my thoughts on what could be a very bright future. The name may very well be Austrian economics although there are other possibilities. It is your decision, Reader, not mine, on whatever you do next.

However, the main purpose of this series is simply to interest and educate. Knowledge, truly, is power. It has also been my discovery that liberty comes as a package, of economic freedoms, personal and civil freedoms, or freedom from war. A free society cannot just have one part without the whole, just as a keystone needs the rest of the arch. I urge all Readers to ask any questions or leave any comments in the articles, or send me an email at

Fortunately, if my version of freedom is what you want, it is yours for the taking. Let’s get started.

Money Matrix Source List

Jake is also a contributor to Nolan Chart.

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