A message from AntiWar.com.

Because that means their war chest is being filled to the brim again. They spend billions on an arsenal that is the mightiest on earth – indeed, they spend more on the weapons of war than all other nations on earth combined.

And still it’s not enough. They want more – and they’ll get more, unless the American people say what no mainstream political figure has had the courage to say: “Enough!”

There are very few voices these days calling for a cut in military spending. The conservatives, of course, love the idea of lavishing supposedly unlimited funds on the so-called defense budget. It’s what they’re all about. And these days liberals – at least the ones in Congress – aren’t much better. All too many see militarism as a jobs program.

If you find this frustrating, there is a way around it. Admittedly, it’s a small way, but it could amount to something big over time. You could make a tax-deductible donation to Antiwar.com, which would give the government that much less to spend on weapons of mass destruction.

In the short run, your donation will deprive the war machine of at least some of your tax dollars. In the long run, however, the rewards are potentially much greater, because your contribution will help build an effective opposition to the War Party and its plans for even more destructive conflicts than we have suffered in the last eight years.

Unlike the military-industrial complex, and the gigantic propaganda mill that is a vital part of it, we depend on the voluntary contributions of our readers to stay afloat.

So if you can take from the warmongers and give to the peacemakers – well, then, what’s stopping you?

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