Message from (title by Little Alex):

A foolhardy invasion, a fruitless struggle, increasing hatred of the American occupiers, even our own puppets protesting our brutal methods: does any of this sound familiar?

Of course it does. The war in Iraq, which was supposed to be a “cakewalk,” includes all of the above – and so does the ongoing war in Afghanistan, albeit with far graver dangers.

For some reason, the Afghan war is considered the “good war,” even in ostensibly antiwar circles. All the well-known arguments against the Iraq adventure – the high costs, the futility of nation-building, the risk of igniting a wider conflagration – somehow do not apply to Afghanistan. Yet they are all too applicable, and increasingly so, as the U.S. puts 30,000 more troops into that war-torn country and extends the conflict into Pakistan.

The original rationale for attacking Afghanistan was the alleged presence of Osama bin Laden, but now that he is long gone we’re escalating the fight – and provoking a backlash from the Afghan people. The technocrats and warlords we support have little to no credibility, and our reckless killing of civilians has been vigorously protested by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, to little effect.

We are told that bin Laden is being harbored in the tribal areas of Pakistan, just as we were once told he was allied with Iraq. How many lies will the American people swallow before they turn against this war, too?

America can ill afford to sink further into this quagmire – and yet it is poised to do just that, almost without opposition. Well, we at are doing all we can to oppose it, but we can’t keep going without your help.

We need your donation to survive. Like everyone else, we’re feeling the pinch of hard times, but the kind of analysis – and, yes, leadership – we provide is more essential than ever. With a popular president about to escalate a misguided war, we need all the help we can get, and soon.

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  2. […] is when a cult of personality surrounds someone viewed as one and his evil wars become “good wars” in the […]

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