Arab Israelis: Racism=Populism in Israel Elections

Posted: 10 February 2009 by Editors in International Affairs, Palestine-Israel, Political Science
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Jesse Rosenfeld speaks to representatives of the Arab Israeli community about the 2009 Israeli elections.

The Real News Network – “Arab Israelis See No Hope in Israeli elections” – 10 Feb 09 (8:42):

Jesse Rissin Rosenfeld, freelance journalist based in Ramallah and Tel-Aviv speaks to Palestinian community and political leaders about today’s Israeli elections. As Israelis go to the polls, many in the Arab-Israeli community see no difference between the candidates and parties in their attitude toward the Palestinians living in Israel and in Palestine. With the exception of a strong pull to the right in Israeli society and a new-found legitimization of Arab-centered racism, many are afraid a hard-line position towards Palestinians is used as an election issue.


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