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In spite of the alleged advent of “change” in Washington, it looks like one Bush administration tradition is being preserved: the War Party has taken up residence in the office of the vice president. Joe Biden has quickly taken on the role of Obama’s Cheney, a hard-liner with a special antipathy toward Russia.

In stationing sophisticated anti-missile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, the U.S. basically abandoned the INF arms-control treaty concluded by President Reagan. These provocative policies are not slated to end with Cheney’s exit, but are finding new adherents in the incoming administration – including Biden, who announced the U.S. would pursue the missile shield plan.

Biden’s belligerent remarks on Russian-Georgian relations – “We will not recognize any nation having a sphere of influence”! – indicate little change in the frosty air of the new Cold War era. The launch pad for this challenge to Moscow – an international security summit in Munich – is significant: it was the Obama administration’s first major foreign policy statement since the election.

Americans voted for change – not a revival of the Cold War, but a new era in our foreign policy. Against the new Cold Warriors, has been presenting the facts: we told you who started the Georgian war, and why. We challenged the conventional anti-Russian bias of the “mainstream” media from the beginning, and we were proved right.

The Joe Bidens of the Democratic Party aren’t going to get a free pass from us. For 14 years, we’ve taken on the War Party, in all its many guises, and we’re rolling up our sleeves for another fight. Yet we can’t win that fight without your financial support, and we need it as never before. Times are tough, and many people do not yet grasp how little has changed in Washington.

Help us stop Obama’s Cheney.

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