Netanyahu vows to not return Palestinian territory upon election. Obama must choose between international law and hypocrisy.

After a conflict with Gaza plagued with war crimes accusations alleged by many human rights groups (including Amnesty International) and Gazan civilian claims of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) using them as human shields, the people of Israel elect a new prime minister Tuesday.

Less than two weeks after Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked out of the World Economic Summit at Davos in protest, Turkey has launched a probe investigating whether or not Israel committed ‘genocide and crimes against humanity’ in Gaza.

That same day Mr. Erdogan walked out of Davos, Israel daily publication Ha’aretz uncovered a secret Israeli database showing Israel’s conscious acts in accordance with the crime of apartheid.

Going into Tuesday’s election, Avigdor Lieberman’s unapologetically fascist Yisrael Beiteinu Party, has been gaining ground as a small party — taking votes away from Bibi Netanyahu’s hawkish Likud Party. Mr. Netanyahu has promised Mr. Lieberman a “pivotal minister position” in an effort for “all of the Zionist parties to join the unity government”.

Though, Mr. Netanyahu has said that he will not name Mr. Lieberman Israel’s new defense minister, he has vowed to continue Israel’s defiance of the 1967 UN resolution and not return any parts of Jerusalem or Golan Heights to the Palestinians gained in Israel’s war with Syria forty years ago in explicit violation of international law.

What the next Israeli prime minister does is more in the hands of the US than many Americans think. The atrocities against the Palestinians are ordered by the State of Israel and executed by the IDF, but with Apaches, F-16’s, and tanks supplied and subsidized by the US.

The most credible war crimes accusation of the Gaza conflict is Israel’s use of torturous, deadly white phosphorus — supplied by the US — used on the Gazan people.

Pres. Obama should cut off this blank check of blood money and put an end to the US policy of vetoing the scores UN resolutions against Israel. If Mr. Obama refuses to act in accordance with international law, the president should withdraw the US from the UN and cut the ‘citizen of the world’ bullshit.

Mr. Obama cannot claim to fight Stateless terrorists while supplying terrorism of the State.

America cannot claim to be a ‘Beacon of Hope’ while acting as the Pied Piper of Hypocrisy.

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  2. Kahoneez says:

    Compare Howard Dean’s candidacy with Obama’s , one had the courage to say Palestinians should be treated “EQUALLY” with Israelis and the other played the typical victim card for Israel , claiming their existence is at risk from people with no planes , no tanks , no Apache helicopters , no navy or gunships and no nukes that he wouldn’t admit they have , at his news conference , by lying by omission .

    Howard Dean paid a price politically for not being a 110 % supporter of Israel , for if you are not an advocate for Israel’s polices , even being 99 % , will get you in deep crap and Obama became president , that and agreeing to send another 30 K troops to Afghanistan , to make the OCCUPATION successful .
    And the biggest con game Obama has perpetrated on the clueless american public , while they drank the kumbaya kool-aid , ” Bush kept his eye off the Ball ” , bcs of that is true , he did a pretty damn good job establishing SEVERAL billion dollar BASES , several secret prisons that tortured , hundreds of road blocks , killing tens of thousands and over 8 thousand civilians , planting UNOCAL /CIA operative Karzai into office , that signed an OIL pipeline deal with Pakistan and Turkmenistan , just WEEKS after taking office , with the ultimate goal of building the N. To S. afghan OIL PIPELINE from the Caspian sea . Small little detail he always leaves out .

    Is the occupation going a little rough , of course , what occupation every goes smoothly with out resistance from freedom fighters , tribes , or anyone they deem a terrorist and that’s the only thang bush needs a little help with from da brotha . Can you help a white Imperialist out , bro ?

    So ask the relatives of the thousands of the dead , if bush hasn’t been giving them enough attention or ask Haliburton or Starbucks if they haven’t profited enough , ask the CIA if bush hasn’t given enough money and resources for prisons , fitted with the latest water boards . No Obama’s ” attention ” will lead to more war , more killing and hopefully there will be enough people left to watch all that black gold , go rushing by leaving their country . I guess if the Taliban hadn’t insisted on an OPEN pipeline line , while they visited UNOCAL Corp. HQ in the late 90’s , there might have been no invasion at all .

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