Chris Hedges on the Growing Movement Toward Fascism in the US (Video)

Posted: 8 February 2009 by Editors in National News, Political Science
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Left-libertarian Pulitzer-winning journalist on the rise of US fascism through the coming policies of the new administration.

Free Speech Radio News – “Is Economic Despair the Vehicle for Totalitarianism?” – 6 Feb 09 (8:57):

Is economic despair the vehicle for totalitarianism?

Plummeting unemployment rates mark this economic crisis around the nation which is resulting in a political crisis on Capitol Hill, as Democrats and the GOP debate the stimulus. Some analysts say that this economic despair is creating a vehicle towards totalitarianism, which was evident during the Great Depression. But during that depression, the nation had strong labor unions and a vibrant independent press. Without those traditional tools, what might we face in the coming years? Chris Hedges is the author of American Fascists: the Christian Right and the War on America, and a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist. He is pessimistic about he says is a growing movement towards fascism in the US.

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