Keith Olbermann’s 6 Feb 09 Special Comment on Fmr. VP Dick Cheney’s fearmongering ‘diatribe’, the hypocrisy in his claims, and its cynical motives.

If anything good is happening in the MSM these days, it’s the becoming of Keith Olbermann into a credible commentator. Really amazing how insightful his fact-based rationale can be when the word “Obama” doesn’t come out of his mouth. In times like those, I wanna send him a letter reading, “You refuse to vote, Mr. Olbermann. Act like it! You say that you’re anti-authoritarian. Act like it! You see the cynicism in power. Act like it!”

Now that Mr. Olbermann is researching his comments instead of regurgitating talking points from, he has a lot to say and he’s acting like it. Salud!

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on Dick Cheney’s recent interview with Politico (10:56):

I’ve been watching Keith Olbermann since I was a little kid watching SportsCenter in a loop for hours every damn day. I would be shocked if his ignorant worship of the hypocritical, Zionist-puppeteered, international terrorist agressor, Oh-Bomb-Messiah lasts much longer.


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