al Jazeera‘s “Inside Story” takes a look at where the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is now, where it can go, and the Feb. 10th elections in Israel.

New York Times – “New Gaza Exchanges Strain Fragile Truce” – 3 Feb 09:

The truce faced its most severe test yet Sunday, when Palestinian militants lobbed at least four rockets and a shower of mortars from Gaza into Israeli territory. The Israeli Air Force responded with a nighttime bombing raid on Gaza….

After the rocket attacks, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel signaled the Israeli bombing raid with a warning of a “sharp” and “disproportionate” response.

Though small Palestinian militant groups have taken responsibility for the recent fire, even in defiance of Hamas, Israel has said it will hold Hamas responsible for any violations of the calm.

Palestinian officials are gathered in Cairo for talks with Egyptian officials who are trying to broker a more durable cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic militant group that controls Gaza.

al Jazeera – “Inside Story – Truce in Jeopardy” – 2 Jan 09:

What was Hamas’ role in the shelling from Gaza? How will this event impact the Egyptian peace initiative, and the possibility of sticking to the February 5th deadline? And what role does the upcoming Israeli election play in Israel’s response to the shelling?

Part One (12;54):

Part Two (10:07):

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