When “hawks” become “realists” in the Newspeak of change, the “dove” has just trained his sheep and propaganda wing very well.

Going into the election, polling by all major sources showed Americans favored smaller government than the status quo making up 65-72% of the population. But, if anyone was surprised by the election of Obama or saw this as some sort of miracle, they’re just romanticizing an event for much more than it actually was and these blinders are stretching into a dangerous territory of tacit consent for exactly what people voted against.

Calling the Bush administration “terrible” isn’t analysis from a ‘lunatic fringe’ of the ‘far left’. The truth is that you didn’t have to be too much of a lock-step Democrat to walk in line with whoever the Democratic Party tossed out on the TV screens to challenge whatever Republican was tossed out there.

Couple that with Republicans who are neither hawkish, nor dovish, but have grave contempt for protectionism and failed war efforts that cost too much money, lack rational objectives, sending kids to perform life-risking operations with little to no endgame and anyone challenging the GOP in the two-party system, both serving the same corporate warmongering masters, was our inevitable next president.

Couple that with an extremely charismatic, young, good-looking man who looks different from the status quo. Sure, Mr. Obama had the academic pedigree of Columbia/Harvard Law, but an upbringing different from the status quo.

The fact is that the American people didn’t vote for Mr. Obama or his specific brand of change because there was no brand — just a man with an adeptly managed campaign that crafted Mr. Obama into all things to all people; a man who’s whatever you want him to be except Bush.

There was one specific change that Mr. Obama’s supporters voted for: a national security that was humble and kept the American people safe.

This is the same platform Mr. Bush ran on in 2000 (2:59):

It worked.

And Bush lied.

Mr. Obama was dead-set against the Iraq war, pre-emptive war, special interests guiding US policy, sabre-rattling that feeds terrorist groups greater than it supports our troops, and blind allegiances to lawless nations for the sole reason that the allegiance exists.

Mr. Obama has surrounded himself with Neo-Cons like IDF/Mossad punk Rahm Emanuel, Iraq war cheerleader Hillary Clinton, and Wall St. coddling NY Fed chief Tim Geitner. Mr. Obama has been applauded for these appointments of hawks. The MSM is now calling them “realists” when just months ago, they were ‘elite imperialists putting Americans at more harm with their same ol’, same ol’ hawkish positions’.

Mr. Obama irresponsibly rattled the sabre against Iran while there was ‘one president at a time’ and that president was not him.

Mr. Obama passed the buck as over 400 children died in a handful of weeks as Israel slaughtered the densely populated Gaza strip after breaking a cease-fire with Hamas, literally, while Mr. Obama was seducing the world with empty rhetoric after clinching the election.

Mr. Obama’s “dangerous and irresponsible” sabre-rattling throughout his stint on the campaign trail against Pakistan, campaigning on a promise to violate Pakistan’s national sovereignty whenever he arbitrarily felt it was worth it worked. A fearmongered, hawkish wing of the Pakistani people uproared against the overthrow of then-Pres. Musharraf, repeatedly threatening his biggest threat: Benazir Bhutto.

Benzair Bhutto was assassinated shortly after Christmas in 2007 — just months after Mr. Obama’s sabre-rattling began.

Mr. Obama fulfilled that promise with his first miltary action as commander in chief killing 22 people and destroying homes throughout a Pakistani village. Mr. Obama justifies this war of terror as executing the memetic ‘war on terror’, but Pakistan objects to these strikes and dovish, populist, socialist of the civilian government of Pakistan, Pres. Zardari, says that these strikes “do not help the war on terror” and are actually “counter-productive” to Mr. Zardari’s efforts to cure the real problem of terrorism — violent means toward oppressive ends.

Mr. Obama who once pledged to remove troops from Iraq in six months, changed that pedge to 12 months, and changed it again to 16 months.

The administration didn’t waste any time to implement change, but not as promised, when Mr. Obama decided to walk in lock-step with the campaign of Ms. Clinton and Bush-Obama Def. Sec. Robert Gates he and 18 million+ Democrats opposed by withdrawing any timetable for Iraq withdrawal — pledging to leave a “residual force”. Iraq is “sure that the policy of President Obama would be one of continuity,” not change.

Frankly, the only people believing in a progressive change for American policy is the hungover ObamaNation — ready to walk in lock-step with their master, asking no questions in the name of ‘hope’.

The danger of Mr. Obama’s seduction lied in the crafting of consent within the anti-war mainstream toward Afghanistan — now called the “good war”. The “good war” (that still cannot be justified) will see a surge of 30,000 more troops and the seduced mainstream Democrats who claim to be anti-war applaud their new shepherd.

After Mr. Obama’s second military strike, which Afghan Pres. Karzai says at least 16 civilians were killed, protests are sweeping across an Afghan province as Mr. Karzai warns these civilian deaths are “strengthening the terrorists”. in a country that Mr. Obama’s special envoy to the region says will be a longer war than Vietnam.

‘Neo-Progressive’ Gatekeeper Rachel Maddow — who spent months transforming talking points into the memes to elect Pres. Obama — shows courage question the new president:

The Rachel Maddow Show – “Continuity We Can Believe In?” – (6:56):

The danger of Mr. Obama’s seduction lies in the mainstream Democrat tacit consent and ‘unwavering support’ of Israel’s atrocities. Obama’s position on US subsidized Israeli war crimes, illegal occupation of Palestinian territory, and kidnapping are “approximately the Bush position” and the sheep just ‘baaaa’.

When ‘hawks’ become ‘realists’ in the Newspeak of ‘change’, the ‘dove’ has just trained his sheep and propaganda wing very well to manufacture consent among the masses.

This isn’t realism. This is deceit.

Mr. Obama has lied.

The only reality is the truism proven by centuries of world history — exemplified in the current state of affairs and what’s to come — is that the disUnitied TerrorState of America will not change. It will continue to be an empire with the primary objective of maintaining and strengthening its empirical status over all.

When the State #1 concern is the power of the State, the People lose as the State wins.

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