“Special edition program of BrassTacks, Zaid Hamid once again strongly and conclusively challenges and dispels the Indian lies and propaganda surrounding the Mumbai blasts”

Pakistani security consultant and defence analyst Zaid Hamid makes the case for Mumbai being a false-flag operation of Mossad (which would imply the CIA), India’s intel agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Hindu fascist/nationalist organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) heavily citing writer and historian Amaresh Misra.

Added to our page, “India’s 26/11 Dossier“, from PakAlertPress – “Video: Pakistan Response to the Mumbai Dossier (in English) – Must Watch” contains:

  • 9MB Download of 69-page dossier [.zip]
  • Dossier response prepared by BrassTacks [.pdf]
  • YouTube – BrassTacks – ‘Rebuttal of Indian Lies and Mumbai Drama’

(full video report)

BrassTacks – ‘Rebuttal of Indian Lies and Mumbai Drama’ – 18 Jan 09 – Part One (6:10):

Pakistan Daily – “Amaresh Misra Explains the Truth on Mumbai Attacks, a Mossad, VHP, Gajrang Dal Inside Job” – 2 Jan 09:

“In fact, Modi [CHIEF MINISTER OF GUJARAT] has left the RSS behind in many ways–he is Mossad’s number one man. Recently, a top RSS functionary told me that “Amaresh we have lost control over out cadres. We never wanted to let things get out of hand in Orissa and Karnataka. In Orissa, we had even planned a joint declaration with Christian leaders. But there was a revolt from below. The VHP and Bajrang Dal refused to fall in line. Then they got the subtle support of that man Modi. We were helpless”.

“Basically, the RSS lost control over the Frankenstein they created.

“In Modi’s form this Frankestein struck a deal with Mossad–now remember Mossad has links in the faction torn ISI–remember also that several `Jihadi’ groups, in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle-East are still remote comtrolled by either the Mossad or the CIA. In a recent case, a Muslim `Jihadi’ organization in Yemen was found to be a Mossad set-up….

“Coming to the Nariman House, I am really surprised at the perception that why would a Mossad backed operation kill Jews? Why not? In any case Mossad backs aggressive Zionism, which is very much a modern religo-fascist ideology like Hindutva. Zionism is not part of Judaism, just as Hindutva is not part of Sanatan Dharma, the real religion of Hindus. In the Praggya Singh affair, Sanatan Dharmis opposed Hindutva especially when they were maligning Hemant Karkare.

“So Mossad and Zionists are known to have killed ordinary Jews–after all Hindutva ideology killed Mahatama Gandhi–can anyone deny that? Also Modi without a qualm masterminded the killing of several of his own people in the Godhara train incident, in order the create the atmosphere for large scale anti-Muslim and anti-India riots.

“Remember evil thrives in the world because the `good’ lacks imagination. Evil triumphs because it is capable of out-thinking `good’.

“Those who call themselves supporters of Modi and Advani, they are also supporters of the killers of Gandhi. Hindutva ideology and politics since its inception has been opposed to the idea of a secular Indian nation-state since 1947. They staged an uprising against Indian state in 1947; proof exists that Golwalkar the RSS chief was hand in glove with the British army in carrying out anti-Muslim attacks. This was brought to the notice of Rajeshwar Dayal, the then Home Secretary of the United Provinves (present day UP) who took the case to Govind Ballabh Pant, the the then UP Chief Minister.

“Thanks to Bush, global terrorism has become an industry, a money making machine. It has other phenomenon like outsourcing war and terror to mercenaries attached to it. Mossad excels in forming armies of private mercenaries and destablizing states the world over. Just go to the net.”… [read the full article]

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