Ron Paul reveals why he was so outraged at the recent House vote condemning Gaza. Here’s one more reason he should be outraged.

Nolan Chart

(For readers who may have missed it, I have explained here “The Money Matrix – How the FED Works (PART 6/15)” that the Federal Reserve is a fraudulent, powerful quasi-private banking cartel that wields the power to create and destroy money at its own whim. I also explain here “Rioting at the Gates of Thermopylae: The Ramparts of the FED & Central Banks Shudder” how the FDIC’s so-called “Deposit Insurance” is a complete scam.)

I remarked in my last article “Ron Paul Shows Some Outrage (The Gaza Slaughter – Epilogue)” that Congressman Paul (R-TX) was visibly upset at the end of his 2-minute opposition speech to House Resolution 34 which called “on all nations to lay blame both for the breaking of the calm and for subsequent civilian casualties in Gaza precisely where blame belongs, that is, on Hamas.”

For those who do not follow Ron Paul quite so much, this is unusual as he typically constrains himself from showing anger. Well, this 4-minute video released Tuesday night by the Campaign for Liberty reveals why:

Paul also related that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair are skipping their appointments with the House Finance committee to fly off to the Swiss Alps to meet with the international banking cartel known as the BIS, or Bank of International Settlements. My guess is that their conversation will cover the price of gold at some point.

However, it is perhaps fortunate that Ron Paul is probably not aware of the following. Reuters reported last week that extremely large ammunition shipments will be shipped from our military depots in Greece to Israel, 325 standard shipping containers packed with explosive death.

Why do we have or need depots in Greece you ask? We are a Military-Industrial Empire, baby!

Led by our wacky Keynesian economists, this “builds wealth” for our arms dealers (the US government and the defense industry), but accomplishes only destruction in warzones.

In early December, the United States shipped another 989 standard containers filled with “2.6 million KG of net explosive weight” from North Carolina to Israel. In September Congress approved the sale of another 1,000 bunker-buster bombs to Israel to be used on “penetrating Hamas’s underground rocket launcher sites.”

Well, at last check, the Palestinians are still unable to afford a Palestinian Navy, so likely this new ammunition will end up being used against both civilians and Hamas in Gaza and elsewhere. The amount of ordnance shipped in December and January works out to over 2 KG of net explosive weight per Palestinian.

Gotta love to see our tax dollars to see at work! Right? Oh, lost your job or scared of losing it? Wondering if you will ever be able to pay the mortgage or spend time in bread lines? Wonder what type of country your child will grow up in? Don’t worry Obama’s Big Government Stimulus Plan will make everyone soldiers or good little socialist puppets – oops, did I just write that? I meant to say it will soon be all better now!

Jake is also a contributor to Nolan Chart.


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