al Jazeera special on Israel’s occupation of Gaza after official withdrawal in 2005 and Hamas retaliation leading up to the Gaza Massacre in 2008 and current war and panel analysis of the war through its third week.

al Jazeera – “Gaza: The Road to War” – 11 Jan 09:

The people of the Gaza Strip – one of the world’s most densely populated strips of land – have experienced it all: military occupation, civil war, an economic blockade and international isolation. Yet back in 2005, Gazans celebrated a new era of peace and even prosperity. So, how did it all go so wrong? Gaza: The road to war investigates.

Part One (9:09):

Part Two (13:50):

al Jazeera – Inside Story: “Another Week of Death” – 11 Jan 09:

As the war on Gaza enters its third week, Ehud Olmert, Israel’s prime minister, claims Israel is close to fulfilling its goals.

So how will this war unfold? And what exactly will victory be for either side?

Part One (11:58):

Part Two (11:00):

For more, see our YouTube playlist, “Israel Attacks Gaza

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