Alex talks with Lakota tribal leader and former nominee of the Libertarian Party for president Russell Means. On December 20, 2007, Means announced the withdrawal of a group of Lakota Sioux from all treaties with the United States government and declared the Lakota a sovereign nation.

The Alex Jones Show – “Lakota Freedom from Government Tyranny” Part 1 of 3 – 09 Jan 09 (10:40):

(Listen to the full 28:34 interview here.)

We should note that Little Alex and myself do not subscribe to the fullness of Alex Jones’s verbiage and theories. We highly respect and frequently discuss Mr. Jones as a hard-working, brave journalist and a comrade for liberty as a classical liberal/paleoconservative libertarian, but we are not of the “one global elite” at the tip of the pyramid conspiracy theory, nor do we participate in the fringe of the 9/11-Truth Movement.


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