The US paper of record [sic], The New York Times‘, report on the Israeli attack that killed scores in a UN school earlier:

The officials said those killed included men, women and children. The Israeli military, in a statement, confirmed it had carried out a mortar attack on the school, saying an initial investigation suggested its forces had responded to mortar fire coming from the school.

The United Nations has opened its schools in Gaza to provide shelter and gave the Israelis the coordinates of those locations. John Ging of the United Nations relief agency said….

According to Mr. Ging, 30 people had been killed in the strike near the school, where 350 people were taking shelter and which is in Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza. Another 55 were injured, five of them critically, he said. Most of the casualties occurred outside the school rather than in the building itself, Mr. Ging said, describing the neighborhood as a built-up area.

And that’s it. Total regurgitation of the Israeli Newspeak.

How can the “paper of record” that publishes “all the news that’s fit to print” omit the statements from the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)?! It was a UNRWA refugee haven in Gaza because Israel’s surrounded the Strip!


A United Nations official in Gaza said the school was clearly marked with a UN flag and its location had been reported to Israeli authorities. John Ging, director of operations in Gaza for UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, said that three artillery shells landed at the perimeter of the school where 350 people were taking shelter. “Of course it was entirely inevitable if artillery shells landed in that area there would be a high number of casualties,” he said.

Asked whether there were Hamas militants in the area at the time of the attack, Ging said it was the scene of clashes “so there’s an intense military and militant activity in that area.” He said UN staff vetted Palestinians seeking shelter at their facilities to make sure militants were not taking advantage of them. “So far we’ve not had violations by militants of our facilities,” he said. Ging called for an independent investigation of the strikes near UN facilities.

For more, including Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!’s interview this morning with UNRWA spokesperson Christopher Guinness, see “Israel Strikes UN School in Gaza Killing At Least 40”.

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