Yesterday, India handed their evidence relating to Pakistani “elements” involved in the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai in their effort to extradite suspects in Pak’s custody and to aid Pak in their joint investigation.

The dossier was also submitted to the The New York Times and The Times of India.

Pak has held suspects close claiming that “credible evidence” would be necessary for extradition.

Pak’s response to the dossier was that India’s evidence is “insufficient”.

Not knowing the details of the dossier past what’s been published, we can only compile the reports from the two papers with Pak’s response via the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP).

Our Indian 26/11 Dossier, posts at the top header, is compiled from:

There are a lot of consistencies with CounterterrorismBlog’s 4 Dec panel (full transcript .pdf) on 26/11.

APP – “Pakistan Rejects Indian Prime Minister’s Allegation” – 06 Jan 09

Pak Alert Press on Indo-Pak sabre-rattling and whether or not 26/11 was an ‘inside job’.

UPDATE – CNN – Pak NSA Mahmud Ali Durrani:

“I think it probably would be true now that for example [Ajmal Kasab] had Pakistani connections. So one cannot deny there was zero link with Pakistan. How much, who all was involved, that we have to investigate.”

“What the dossier is, is not something solid,  but I would also say, some of the leads we got from India through other countries, that has been very helpful to our investigation.”

“It has to be treated like a normal crime. When the investigators get some leads, they work on it. We are going to work on it. We will need more things. We will need connectivity between Bombay and people here.”

PM Gilani released a statement shortly after ‘sacking’ Mr. Durrani for “irresponsible behaviour for not taking the prime minister and other stakeholders into confidence, and a lack of coordination on matters of national security”.

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