As Pakistan Prepares for War, India Demands Twenty Fugitives from Pakistan Including Ibriham

Posted: 2 December 2008 by Little Alex in India-Pakistan; 26/11, International Affairs
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US Intelligence has already been reported to have pointed the finger at LeT for the Mumbai attacks that killed 183-200 people and raped the largest democracy in the world with terror.

The Times of India (TOI) confirms that India was warned twice “about a potential maritime attack against Mumbai at least a month before last week’s massacre in Mumbai.”

A second government source told that specific locations, including the Taj Hotel, were listed in the US warning.

“US intelligence indicated that a group might enter the country by water and launch an attack on Mumbai, said the official, who refused to be identified due to the ongoing investigation into the attacks and the sensitivity of the information,” the CNN added.

“Indian security forces have confirmed to CNN that not only did US officials warn them of a water-borne attack in Mumbai — they were told twice. The area entered a higher state of alert for a week, including tightened security measures at hotels, but those efforts were eventually reduced, Indian officials said,” the network, which repeatedly broadcast the story last evening, maintained.

On November 18, Indian intelligence also intercepted a satellite phone call to a number in Pakistan known to be used by a leader of the terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba, believed to be responsible for the weekend attack, Indian intelligence officials were quoted as saying by

The Indian intercept also revealed a possible sea-borne attack, it said, citing officials.

Bear in mind after reading this that India’s Naval prescence has been unusually high, as we saw with their pursuit of a Somalian pirate “mothership” which the MSM had credited the Indians with destroying. (We now know that this “mothership” was just a hijacked fishing boat, but an increased Naval prescense, nonetheless.)

The content of the phone call intercepted by the CBI is unknown other than “a possible sea-borne attack” and CNN’s source “refuses to be identified.”

What’s more interesting about the opening of the Indian news cycle is that India is “asking” Pakistan for fugitives wanted by the Indian government after meeting with the ISI chief, accusing LeT of attacking Mumbai, and the sudden dissappearance of Raheel Sheikh.

BBC News is also speculating that Dawood Ibriham (mentioned here yesterday) is included in the list of twenty fugitives (which is confirmed by The TOI later in this post).

Considering that Pakistan has informed the Western Allies that 100,000 troops committed to the Afghan border would be mobilized to the Indian border, it’s safe to ASSume that India is not asking for fugitives, but demanding this list of twenty be taken seriously — meaning that CBI has been tracking twenty fugitives during the cease-fire with Pakistan to be within their borders. India has played nice and now it’s time to demand as Indian fugitives have crossed the borders, Pakistani terrorists have rocked a nation off of its axis.

The TOI reports that India is not seeking military action against Pakistan:

“Nobody is talking of military action,” foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee told reporters when asked about options on what action could be taken…

“We will await the response from Pakistan” to the [demand for twenty fugitives], external affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee told reporters here.

Mukherjee has stated that “some elements” based in Pakistan were suspected to be behind the Mumbai attacks…

“Now, we have in our demarche asked for the arrests and handing over of those persons who are settled in Pakistan and who are fugitives under the Indian law,” Mukherjee said on the sidelines of a function to inaugurate the India-Arab Forum.

India had already handed over to Pakistan a list of 20 terrorists, including Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Mohammad and Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar besides underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who are based in that country and are suspected to be behind terror attacks in India.

“…there are lists (containing the names) of about 20 persons. (These) lists are sometimes altered and this exercise is going on and we have reviewed it in our demarche,” Mukherjee said.

Correction: India is not seeking military action against Pakistan ,yet, while Pakistan is doing nothing short of preparing for war.

It’s time for the global community to condemn ISI as a terrorist organization so the elected Pakistani officials can carry out the democracy for which Mrs. Bhutto gave her life and the Pakistani people voted.

India and Pakistan are not third world spear-throwers to be neglected by Westo-centrism. They are nuclear powers with strong global allegiances and extremely nationalistic citizens in fear.

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